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Siemens Healthineers introduces Biograph Vision Quadra Extended Axial FoV PET/CT scanner

Siemens Healthineers has introduced the Biograph Vision Quadra, a CE-marked positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) scanner that is designed for clinical use as well as translational research. In addition to the 3.2 mm silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) detector technology and Time of Flight (ToF) performance that are cornerstones of the established Biograph Vision PET/CT scanner, the […]


Scientists develop new heart valve with improved biocompatibility and durability

Biotech scientists have developed a new polymeric heart valve, called the PoliValve, with a life span potentially longer than current artificial valves. The PoliValve will also prevent the need for the millions of patients with diseased heart valves to require life-long blood thinning medication. There are two artificial valves currently available for patients with diseased […]


Hologic announces CE Mark for Faxitron Path+ specimen radiography system

Hologic has received CE Mark for the Faxitron Path+ specimen radiography system, the latest addition to the Company’s growing portfolio of digital specimen radiography solutions. The Faxitron Path+ system features a superior, high-resolution imaging detector which enables pathologists to image a wide range of specimens of varying sizes, including bone, foetal remains and breast tissue […]


VeinViewer makes veins visible

The VeinViewer® from Greiner Bio-One helps doctors and healthcare workers with venous access for venipunture by providing a visualization of the veins beneath the skin. The VeinViewer uses harmless near-infrared (NIR) light which is absorbed by haemoglobin in the blood and surrounding tissue and reflected back to the VeinViewer device, where the data is processed […]


Anomet offers custom composite medical clad wire

US-based Anomet is offering a custom composite medical clad wire that can combine up to three different materials for use with CRM, neurostimulation, vascular, and related devices. By using different materials the medical clad wire can meet specific design requirements, performance, and cost criteria; especially where solid wire is limited. Typical configurations for implantable devices […]


Telemis releases new version of its medical platform

Telemis, the medical imaging, archiving and transmission specialist, has released a new version of the company’s widely-deployed Telemis-Medical platform. The company says that through the tech advances within Telemis-Medical Version 4.95, physicians will be able to perform functions much quicker – leading to considerable time savings and greater convenience. The latest version of Telemis-Medical expands […]


Fujifilm introduces Mouthpiece “B1” to prevent viral infection during peroral endoscopic procedures

Fujifilm has launched the Mouthpiece “B1” developed to catch and reduce the droplets emitted by the patient during endoscopic examination of the upper gastrointestinal tract. The device helps to minimize the risk to healthcare workers and fellow patients from becoming infected with Covid-19 and various other pathogens. The Mouthpiece “B1”, which incorporates a sponge rubber, […]


Fujifilm Sonosite introduces Sonosite PX ultrasound system

Fujifilm Sonosite has recently introduced the new Sonosite PX ultrasound system – a next generation point-of-care ultrasound with the most advanced image clarity ever seen in a Sonosite system, a suite of workflow efficiency features, and an adaptable form factor. Rich Fabian, President and CEO of Fujifilm Sonosite said: “Every aspect of Sonosite PX was […]


Stryker launches industry’s first completely wireless hospital bed

Stryker has launched globally the industry’s first completely wireless hospital bed, ProCuity. This intelligent bed was designed to help reduce in-hospital patient falls at all acuity levels, improve nurse workflow efficiencies and safety, as well as help lower hospital costs. It is the only bed on the market that can connect seamlessly to nurse call […]


Siemens Healthineers introduces new fluoroscopy system

Siemens Healthineers showed their new fluoroscopy system, the Luminos Lotus Max, at the annual French JFR 2020 in early October. The system offers advanced technology in radiography and fluoroscopy. The remote-controlled Luminos Lotus Max system offers versatility in clinical examinations by combining radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging with orthopedic studies such as long leg or spinal […]