Carestream offers new floor-mount option for DRX-Compass X-ray system

Carestream offers new floor-mount option for DRX-Compass X-ray system

The Carestream DRX-Compass X-ray System


Carestream Health is providing healthcare facilities with a new floor-mount option for the DRX-Compass X-ray System. This option delivers an innovative, flexible and efficient medical imaging solution to sites that are unable to accommodate an overhead tube crane.

It is ideal for community, rural and private hospitals. It is also well suited for urgent care centers, orthopaedic and large radiology practices.

A good option for smaller budgets

“The free-standing tube mount eliminates the need for ceiling rails, but still provides the wall stand, table and console features, the same as the overhead tube crane,” said Jing Chu, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager at Carestream.

“This option will offer smaller facilities or sites with tighter budgets the ability to use the DRX-Compass and put Carestream’s exceptional image capture and processing to work.”

Advanced features

The Carestream DRX-Compass X-ray System (see video of DRX-Compass system) is an upgrade-friendly unit with a broad array of advanced features and options to meet changing needs. It has vertical auto-tracking and auto-centring, as well as an optional tilting wall stand to support a wide range of exams. Developed for easy positioning, this system was designed to decrease set-up time and increase throughput for every facility. Its intuitive, graphical user interface reduces training time for radiographers and allows for a secure, swipe-and-go login. The auto long-length imaging option is especially useful for patients who have trouble standing or young children who are unable to hold still for long periods of time.

“Whatever your modality right now, and wherever you need to go in the future, we have the upgrade strategy to get you there – seamlessly,” Chu said. “The DRX-Compass is designed to keep costs in line with a facility’s needs by being scalable and upgradable.”

Bridge to move from analogue to digital

With the ability to select components for specific locations, the system can easily adapt to space requirements. The DRX-Compass offers a bridge for healthcare facilities looking to move from an analogue or retrofitted X-ray room to a digital system. Through Carestream’s ImageView clinical acquisition software, powered by Eclipse image processing, healthcare facilities can add capabilities to their DRX-Compass systems as needed over time.