Carestream joins Intel Storage Builders programme

Driven by explosive growth in medical imaging and other data, healthcare providers are eager to explore the advantages offered by moving image data storage and management to the cloud. As a leading supplier of secure cloud services for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, Carestream Health is the only healthcare company involved in the Intel Storage Builders programme and currently manages more than 15 billion images in 13 public and private cloud data centers across the globe.
Carestream and Intel are collaborating to ensure practical, high-performance solutions for enterprise imaging and information platforms that can be deployed in secure clouds or on-site data centers. A recent white paper from Intel and Carestream explains the advantages healthcare providers can gain from adopting the latest cloud technology.
The new Intel Storage Builders programme aims to accelerate the use of cloud-ready, next-generation storage options by fostering greater innovation in the cloud ecosystem.
‘Carestream demonstrated that use of Intel’s new solid-state drive (SSD) data center family of technologies tripled the speed of data throughput for a critical portion of our image-intensive workflow,’ said Ishai Tal, Carestream’s Head of Platform Architecture. ‘We offer secure cloud solutions that include the latest technology innovations while reducing operating costs.’
This new cloud architecture can help healthcare providers securely manage data growth while preparing for new advances in medical imaging data analytics. ‘Deploying our cloud technology also increases throughput, which provides faster access to data and greater productivity for clinicians,’ Tal reports.
Carestream’s Vue for Cloud-Based Services is a fully managed IT solution for medical image sharing and archiving, and its secure cloud infrastructure is monitored and supported by the company’s top IT experts. Healthcare providers receive proactive reporting of usage and activity and Carestream’s cloud-based services offer the ability to avoid capital investment and reduce total cost of ownership by as much as 30 percent with predictable, pay-as-you-go operating costs.