Carestream demonstrates diagnostic advantages of Touch Prime Ultrasound Systems at Euroson Congress

Carestream will showcase its CARESTREAM Touch Prime and Touch Prime XE Ultrasound Systems at the 28th Euroson Congress of the EFSUMB taking place in Leipzig, Germany from 26 to 29 October. Both Touch Prime and Touch Prime XE systems provide exceptional image quality. They also streamline measurements to expedite clinician access to critical imaging information while boosting staff productivity. Advanced computing power and the company’s SynTek architecture deliver a simultaneous increase in frame rate, improved penetration and uniform focus throughout the field of view. Touch Prime and Touch Prime XE systems offer Smart Flow, Smart Flow Assist and Smart Select technology designed to further enhance workflow.
Smart Flow imaging technology eliminates the transducer angle limitations of ordinary Doppler ultrasound, and its proprietary Smart Flow method can visualize and measure velocity even when blood flow is perpendicular to the acoustic beam. The resulting measurements are angle independent-and therefore less prone to measurement error. The new ultrasound systems also visualize blood flow in all directions including axial and transverse, which provides more comprehensive information about hemodynamics to assist with diagnostic decisions. The benefits offered by this advanced ultrasound imaging technology can play a vital role in accurately assessing clinical applications such as evaluation of hemodialysis vascular access (AV fistulas and grafts) and quantification of complex flow patterns in the presence of stenosis. Colour coding and arrows automatically display information from Smart Flow technology on the Touch Prime Ultrasound platform. The length of the arrow, in addition to the colour, indicates magnitude. The orientation of the arrow indicates flow direction. Ordinary colour and spectral Doppler ultrasound only measure velocity of flow components toward or away from a transducer.
Smart Flow Assist automatically determines the highest area of flow, and places and adjusts sample size as well as angle corrections. This reduces the number of key strokes for velocity and volume measurements. Integrated one-touch transducer activation and a mode-programmable Smart Select button on the transducers allow a sonographer to reduce key strokes and improve productivity. A single touch of a button allows the user to activate the transducer as well as program two additional functions from a list of 16 commonly used functions.
Carestream’s advanced SynTek Architecture simultaneously provides enhanced spatial detail with increased frame rates for improved visualization of moving structures, while optimizing image formation to reduce noise and artifacts. Imaging and Doppler improvements allow for more consistent visualization of subtle tissue contrast differences and can increase the ability to see small structures. These systems also deliver uniform lateral resolution over the entire depth and deeper penetration for imaging of the abdomen and other areas.
Carestream offers specialized transducers for vascular imaging as well as radiology, OB/GYN and musculoskeletal imaging. A direct transducer interface to the ultrasound processing board delivers lower noise and higher image quality, and four transducers can be connected simultaneously to any of the system’s four ports.
The Touch Prime XE is capable of frame rates in excess of 100Hz while maintaining enhanced imaging detail, and includes optional features such as a DICOM package, barcode and RFID badge readers. Wireless connectivity provides rapid image transfers to PACS, RIS and other systems. An integrated gel warmer delivers added convenience and patient comfort.
The Touch Ultrasound platform’s design is based upon recommendations by sonographers and ultrasound professionals across the world. These systems have earned praise for a sealed, all-touch control panel that combines the speed and flexibility of a soft user interface with the tactile feedback of traditional keys. Etched marking for primary controls equips the user to easily locate frequently used functions without looking away from the image display monitor.

Supplier: Carestream Health SA

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