CardioConfirm: a Brand-New Connectivity Solution from Mortara Instrument

CardioConfirm is Mortara Instrument’s latest tool for connectivity and IT. CardioConfirm has been launched almost a decade after Mortara Instrument started a successful path leading to the adoption of the DICOM standard in all its ELITM series cardiographs, Stress Testing, Holter and Monitoring equipment.

The DICOM standard allows users to seamlessly integrate reports from Mortara devices with existing information systems available in hospitals. CardioConfirm takes connectivity a step further: in addition to traditional viewing options, its user-friendly interface is designed to provide full editing capabilities for all DICOM-enabled systems. Besides opening, editing and storing resting ECGs, physicians may now use dedicated tools for zooming in or measuring ECG waveforms, and may take advantage of a library of statements that conveniently appear with just a few key-strokes, on the basis of those normally used for reports.

CardioConfirm also offers the possibility of editing final reports of stress and Holter tests. Preliminary exports generated by DICOM-friendly systems can be edited by physicians from the main system workstation, a feature that makes the workflow smoother and reduces the time needed to review and edit these types of reports. This new OEM software allows any hospital or clinic to leverage their existing system by simply embedding CardioConfirm into it, thus eliminating the need to spend significant capital investment on an entirely new operation system.

CardioConfirm allows medical professionals to concentrate on patient care with its unique ability to integrate high quality diagnostic display of tests together with all patient information – including test results, vitals, and personal and family history – in one convenient location so that cardiologists do not need to look for additional test results that a technician may have recorded elsewhere.

As the health care landscape continues to grow and change, Mortara’s CardioConfirm is making a big impact on the continued transformation. Hospitals and health care professionals will have a more streamlined workflow, increased efficiency and the ability to focus more attention on patient care.

Mortara Instrument supplies CardioConfirm to all PACS and EMR providers and hospitals that want to expand or complete their PACS/EMR systems to include diagnostic cardiology workflow. It is available in a variety of versions that meet your need for a seamless integration with third party systems.

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DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standard publications relating to digital communications of medical information.