Cardiac and vascular diagnostic tools

The Cardiologic Explorer is a tool for cardiac diagnosis, providing a 12-lead rest ECG, ergometry and cardiogoniometry (CGM). Cardiogoniometry is a new method that offers a great variety of use, since it is the first completely stress-free method for  the diagnosis of cardiac ischemia. Within 12 seconds the potentials in depolarization and repolarization stages are evaluated in a spatial way, allowing a very accurate evaluation of ischemia. The Vascular Explorer completes the diagnosis by providing an easy-to-apply tool for vascular analysis. Using Pulse Wave Velocity, Augmentation Index and Central Blood Pressure in combination with Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease (PAOD) screening by Ankle-Brachial-Index it offers a full overview on the arterial status and cardiovascular risk factors of a person. Both devices are easy-to-use, fast and user-independent and can be applied all along the diagnostic chain: from general practitioners to specialized chest pain units.

Supplier: enverdis GmbH

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