C-arm design DR system

The ddRFormula is Swissray’s innovative C-arm design digital radiography system. It is the most automated DR solution in the marketplace. All system movements are motorized and software-controlled, resulting in total automatic functionality. The ddRFormula features a C-arm design with the X-ray tube always centred relative to the detector for fastest, most precise and convenient patient positioning. The ddRFormula Plus version allows for convenient off-detector imaging. Children are among the most important beneficiaries of the system’s low radiation dose. The pediatric package includes 3.5 lp/mm spatial resolution with special imaging algorithms and X-ray parameters providing unrivalled image quality with highest detail detectability. Special chest imaging parameters and algorithms make the ddRFormula the diagnostic tool of choice for pulmonary disease detection. Patient data can be transferred directly from the RIS/HIS via DICOM worklist, while all exposure and image processing parameters can be chosen with simple touch screen selections.

Supplier: SwissRay Medical AG

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