Build essential healthcare leadership skills for a sustainable future

The International Hospital Federation’s Geneva Sustainability Centre will hold a masterclass in October, in Lisbon, Portugal,
to teach strategies for healthcare leaders to implement and manage sustainability practices.

Recent research found that the healthcare sector is responsible for over 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions – an increase on previous estimates. Reversing this trend is a long-term challenge that will likely require multi-year commitments and the transformation of almost every aspect of how hospitals operate.

Hospital leaders have a key role to play in ensuring patients can access healthy futures through low-carbon, resilient, healthcare systems. In this masterclass that is tailor-made for healthcare leaders, participants:
• Gain fundamental knowledge of the relationship between human and planetary health – and your role as a hospital manager in driving the net-zero transformation.
• Develop effective strategies and discover tools to monitor progress as you build resilience into healthcare delivery, based on successful examples from hospitals across the world.
• Benefit from global perspectives by exchanging and networking with peers in a select group of international hospital managers, facilitated by sustainable healthcare experts.


Lisbon Congress Centre, Portugal


23 October (Portuguese) or 24 October (English) – just ahead of the World Hospital Congress, running 25 to 27 October


Interactive, in-person sessions including presentations/ lectures, roundtable discussions, workshop activities, and opportunities for networking.

Rate for masterclass

€850 for IHF Members or €1,020 for non-members (reduced rates available for participants from lower- and lower-middle income countries).

Rate for masterclass for World Hospital Congress registrants

€425 for IHF members or €510 for non-members – a discount of 50% (reduced rates available for participants from lower- and lower-middle income countries).

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What plenary sessions will be held at the World Hospital Congress 2023?

The World Hospital Congress, to be held 25-27 October this year in Lisbon, Portugal, is a global forum that brings together healthcare leaders, professionals, and experts to discuss and share knowledge on the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in the healthcare industry. The plenary sessions are a highlight of the event, featuring distinguished international speakers who provide thought-provoking insights into pertinent healthcare topics.

Plenary session 1: Wednesday, 25 October 2023, 10:00-11:30

Contemporary leadership: For the challenges of today… and tomorrow

Learn about the evolving contemporary leadership model in healthcare service delivery at this session chaired by John Haupert, President and CEO of Grady Health System in the USA. International hospital leaders including Dr Zeenat Sulaiman of Aga Khan Health Services in Kenya, Dr Muna Tahlak of Latifa Women & Children Hospital in the UAE, and Prof. Dr Björn Zoëga of Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden will share their management approaches and how they adapted to recent changes.

Plenary session 2: Thursday, 26 October 2023, 09:00-10:30

Employee wellbeing: Leading with our people as a priority

Employee wellbeing is now a foundation for high-performing organizations – and should be in every leader’s strategy. Explore solutions for building workforce resilience and sustainability through employee wellbeing in healthcare. Discover strategies implemented by organizations from around the globe to support employee wellbeing and address mental health and stress in the workplace from speakers such as Dr Arnon Afek of Sheba Medical Center in Israel, Dr Henry Gallardo of Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá in Colombia, and Dr Sangita Reddy of Apollo Hospitals Group in India.

Plenary session 3: Friday, 27 October 2023, 09:00-10:30

Net zero in healthcare: Call to action from around the world

Climate change has a direct and increasingly damaging impact on both the health of communities and healthcare delivery. But there are positive steps – and many opportunities – to lead on sustainability and to reduce the healthcare sector’s environmental impact while also contributing to better health for all.

This session will showcase a series of initiatives and champions from across the globe as they present their organizational journeys towards net-zero healthcare. Hospital executives will share their experiences from getting started to pioneering sustainable healthcare. Their inspiring actions will outline a broad range of actions to reduce environmental impact, achieve low-carbon healthcare, and embed sustainability into leadership and governance.

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