Breathing simulator

Based on a computerised mathematical lung model, 1101 Breathing Simulator models a spontaneously breathing patient. Airway resistance, lung compliance, breath rate and patient effort are adjustable parameters that simulate a wide range of patient conditions. The simulator includes a large LCD display with real-time graphics and data acquisition capability. The computer uses the mathematical lung model to control the bellows, and the lung model uses the lung parameters and patient effort signal set by the user along with measurements of the pressure and flow to determine the motion of the bellows. The patient effort can be controlled by menu settings, a user-defined waveform or from an external analogue input for simulation of random breathing patterns. The target volume parameter can be used to end patient effort once the target volume is reached. In addition to simulating breathing, the simulator can also be used to collect data during a test and save them for record keeping and analysis. Data can be collected from the calibrated internal instruments, calculated values and from user supplied external analogue signals. The display contains four real-time graphs of user selected signals.

Supplier: Hans Rudolph Inc

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