Breast biopsy system with real-time imaging

The Brevera breast biopsy system with CorLumina imaging technology combines tissue acquisition, real-time imaging, verification and advanced tissue handling for an optimal patient and physician experience. Before this innovation, radiologists performing stereotactic breast biopsy procedures to diagnose breast cancer were often required to leave the patient under compression while they moved to another room to image and verify tissue samples. This leads to lengthy procedure times and anxious, uncomfortable patients, and can interrupt facility screening schedules. With the Brevera system, radiologists are able to obtain and image tissue samples in the procedure room in just a few seconds, potentially saving up to 10 minutes per patient and cutting the procedure time by up to 25 percent according to the 2015 Kadence International survey of 200 healthcare professionals. In addition to saving facility resources and clinician time during a breast biopsy procedure, the Brevera system’s proprietary CorLumina imaging technology helps enhance workflow across multiple departments within a health system. The technology automates the tissue sample collection and separation process, which allows patient tissue to be sent to pathology with little or no manual handling, and also protects the integrity of samples. The system also features PACS integration for advanced image sharing and transfer of patient records.

Supplier: HOLOGIC NV

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