Biotronik’s a new injectable cardiac monitor reduces false positive readings

Biotronik has introduced a new injectable cardiac monitor (ICM). The BIOMONITOR IIIm is equipped with a unique algorithm that significantly reduces false positive atrial fibrillation (AF) detections due to ectopic beats.
Physicians can lose time reviewing these nonactionable episodes. Research shows that 52% of false positive AF episodes occur due to premature ectopic beats, which can be falsely detected as AF.
According to Biotronik, the new device can achieve a 72% reduction in false positives while maintaining 100% of AF-related sensitivity. It removes single ectopic beats out of the AF detection algorithm, enhancing diagnostic accuracy. This will make physicians’ workload more efficient.
These new features are supported by image quality comparable to those recorded on a gold-standard 12-lead ECG.
BIOMONITOR IIIm is also the industry leader in battery longevity with 5.5 years of continuous service, providing long-term post-ablation or cryptogenic stroke monitoring. It is also backed by the Patient App, which allows patients to include vital symptom data, providing physicians with symptom-rhythm correlation which strengthens diagnostic precision.
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Supplier: Biotronik GmbH & Co

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