Bi-directional digital Doppler

The DMX Digital Vascular Doppler is the first handheld Doppler that combines high performance in probe sensitivity with audio clarity and a visual representation of waveforms that have previously only been available with large and expensive desktop laboratory systems. The new Dopplex DMX is rechargeable using USB and utilizes Bluetooth communication for transfer of electronic records to computer systems, allowing reports to be easily created. Measurements can also be stored on the SD card for review or transfer to a computer. Bi-directional waveforms are uniquely generated from the digital Doppler spectrum and are presented on a high resolution display with wide viewing angle. This gives the clinician objective evidence to assist in the diagnosis of vascular disease that other Dopplers may find difficult or impossible to achieve. Audio clarity is further enhanced with the innovative Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction (DDNR) system, eliminating background hiss and crackle noise when moving the transducer while searching for blood vessels. This facilitates the assessment of small and diseased vessels.

Supplier: Huntleigh Healthcare Diagnostics Division

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