Bedside glucose monitor for the ICU

An automated, plasma-based bedside glucose monitoring system, the OptiScanner assists healthcare providers to manage the glucose level of critically ill patients within an optimum target range. The system draws a small amount of patient blood (only 0.12 mL per draw) every 15 minutes, extracts plasma in a micro-centrifuge and then transports the plasma to be read by a near-infrared spectrometer. A proprietary algorithm automatically adjusts for interferences and within a few minutes of the blood draw, a glucose reading is displayed on the front of the instrument. Because a reading is provided every 15 minutes, glycaemic trends can be displayed prominently, indicating whether a patient is euglycaemic, hyperglycaemic or hypoglycaemic. Healthcare providers can track a patient’s glucose and use trending data to aid in decision making, potentially helping patients to stay in a healthy glycaemic range.

Supplier: OptiScan Biomedical Corporation

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