Automatic gas control for anesthesia system

MAQUET FLOW-i  is now available with optional Automatic Gas Control (AGC). The new AGC option provides staff with an advanced prediction tool for improved efficiency and ease of use in the administration of anesthetic gas delivery. The unique AGC prediction tool with speed selection allows the user to forecast a time to reach the end-tidal agent target level while AGC automatically controls the gas delivery more efficiently than conventional anesthesia systems. AGC smoothens the anesthesiologist’s workflow by freeing up time that can be devoted to other aspects of the clinical care of the patient. MAQUET FLOW-i  with AGC improves the oxygen delivery control during anesthesia by a single FiO2 setting which efficiently provides the specific oxygen concentration to the patient. Furthermore, the standard O2GUARD reduces the risk of hypoxia.

Supplier: MAQUET Critical Care

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