Automatic double arm blood pressure monitor

Double arm blood pressure monitoring can provide accurate results when the blood pressure of both arms is simultaneously measured at the same height and same pressurization. The manual type blood pressure monitor may show pressure difference depending on the winding strength of the cuff or location when applying the cuff. In order to minimize the error from this pressure difference, the EX PLUS 1300 automatic double arm blood pressure monitor measures blood pressure at the same height and at the same cuff pressurization. Moreover, the embedded sensor in the cuff enables the user to measure the blood pressure of each arm separately. For instance, when the user wants to measure only the left arm, it gives the pressure only to the left arm. In addition, EX PLUS 1300 delivers pressure very gently to the user’s arm during measurement so that most users including patients with hypertension can do this painlessly. There’s a START/STOP button on the main body and another one on the foot board and hand switch, allowing the user to select the switch depending on preference. When the user measures blood pressure, the results from the measured arm is automatically displayed on the LCD. When the blood pressure of both arms is measured, the inter-arm pressure difference is automatically displayed on LCD. WHO recommends that the patient should consult with a doctor when the difference between the two arms is more than 20mmHg for systolic blood pressure or l0mmHg for diastolic blood pressure. The patient within the range mentioned above may be at risk for cardiovascular disease. Based on this recommendation, Jawon Medical has developed the world’s first automatic double arm blood pressure monitor.

Supplier: Jawon Medical Co., Ltd

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