Automated lighting system for laminar flow operating theatres

New for the hospital market, the innovative, automated lighting system FlexInLight offers greater, real time lighting quality and precision, eliminates clutter and guarantees a greater level of asepsis in the operating zone. Telstar has developed a lighting system built into laminar flow ceilings for operating theatres which automatically orientates the light source to any point as controlled by the user, within the surgical working space in a precise manner. Under the brand FlexInLight, this new system provides stability and cleanliness of the air volume provided by the laminar flow system. It also facilitates operability within the surgical process by eliminating the physical obstacles typically encountered. Comprised of motorized spot lights embedded in the laminar flow ceiling, this system replaces conventional surgical lamps to provide an open space within the working area, removing obstructions in the laminar flow ventilation process, which is one of the main drawbacks caused by the presence of traditional lamps. In this manner, the new lighting system ensures the cleanliness and asepsis within the working area, offering the maximum degree of protection against possible post-surgical infections produced by microorganisms in the air inside the operating theatres, caused or generated by exposed instruments, equipment and lamps in the air flow. In addition, this innovative and versatile lighting system assures the two basic conditions for optimum lighting quality within the visual space of the surgeons during the operation: zenith lighting and shadow-free lighting. FlexInLight is composed of a total of six motorized lighting units embedded in a laminar flow ceiling, with the capability of orientating the lighting units towards any point within their working envelope. The system, which can be fully configured to the requirements of the technical/medical team, provides a light intensity exceeding 100,000 lux, the maximum output currently provided by conventional lamps. This enables FlexInLight to address and technically surpass the specifications of available alternative technologies. Also, an advanced automated control system enables the new system to control both the vertical angle of the light, to provide appropriate lighting level to the operating zone, and orientation of the light, to suppress shadows, thus providing an optimum lighting environment. The system as a whole offers greater precision and light projection positioning for each light unit with a resolution margin of error of

Supplier: Telstar Industrial, S.L.

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