Atrial fibrillation detector

MyDiagnostick is a new diagnostic device (MDD IIa) for the detection and diagnosis of AF. It generates a Lead I ECG which is automatically analysed for the presence of AF. MyDiagnostick is very easy to use, with no buttons to control or parameters to be set. When holding the handles (electrodes) it will automatically switch on and start the ECG recording. After only one minute, the AF outcome is displayed by MyDiagnostick turning either red: AF detected, or green: no AF detected. After use, the device will switch off automatically. It is able to record and store over 140 ECGs and thousands of measuring results. ECGs and results can be displayed and printed whenever MyDiagnostick is connected to a PC or a laptop by the USB cable provided. The current Holter- and event recorders use ECG skin electrodes and need careful setting, thus requiring medical personnel. Furthermore these systems do not have embedded AF detection algorithms, which means that AF episodes can only be determined afterwards. The device does not depend on any infrastructure to diagnose AF and therefore can be used anywhere, anytime, also at the patient’s home or at work. MyDiagnostick has a clinically proven sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 95.7%, which allows also the early detection of paroxysmal AF.

Supplier: MyDiagnostick Medical BV

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