ATARP Best Company Award to Carestream Health

Carestream Health Portugal has been awarded the ATARP Best Company Award by the Portuguese Association of Technical Radiotherapy, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (ATARP).

The award was presented at the 15th ATARP National Congress held in Marinha Grande, Leiria in Portugal. ATARP works to contribute to the improvement of healthcare in Portugal, and promotes professional development in an area of rapid scientific and technological developments.

Accepting the award Mario Garcia, Sales Manager for Carestream Health Portugal said: ‘the ATARP Best Company Award reflects the efforts made by Carestream not only in the research and development of innovative products and solutions for current and future market trends, but also by specifically meeting the needs of our customers during a difficult year. Despite demanding economic conditions and against strong competition, we were successful in a number of major projects in both the public and private healthcare sectors.’

‘In the public sector we won projects such as the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) in Lisbon, the Centro Hospitalar das Caldas da Rainha (CHON), the Hospital de Santar