ArtPix DRF, a unique Imaging Platform for Dynamic X-Ray applications

Over the last 60 years, medicine has made major advances in diagnosis, treatment and surgery. Radiography and Fluoroscopy imaging are essential to medical science. As a result, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) need to deliver ever more sophisticated turnkey platforms for their systems which are dedicated to end-users. Thales has designed a platform that meets all of these needs.

ArtPix DRF, a unique Imaging Platform for Dynamic X-Ray applications

ArtPix DRF is an advanced imaging platform that helps OEMs bring Radio-Fluoroscopy systems to market by reducing integration, certification, time and cost through flexibility and reactivity. This increases customer gain by optimizing margins and has several key advantages such as image quality and design. The system is designed to deliver outstanding performance in fluoroscopy and radiography, enhancing radiology department workflow & productivity.

State of the art dynamic and static images

ArtPix DRF introduces a real 10-bit image pipeline and a set of unique algorithms based on parallel computing, providing real-time, full HD images as well as flexibility of adjustments on demand. Users can customise the imaging platform to suit their preferences, including user-interface, display configuration, image quality and room peripherals. A proprietary image processing allows adjustments according to the regions of the world, user experience expectations and preferences. 

Multiple advanced applications are embedded in this solution

ArtPix DRF is based on a user-friendly application that controls the generator and remote tables. For the physician, it also includes a patient vicinity controlled application to enhance treatment. The system offers increased value to OEM’s by featuring a vast choice of advanced clinical options such as: Tomosynthesis, stitching, radiation-less positioning, etc.

Integration and daily use are facilitated thanks to an intuitive setup, calibration and application

The setup, calibration, generator settings and stations can be easily configured by an X-ray technician guided by ArtPix DRF, allowing the system environment to be easily adjusted. Thanks to these options and the flexibility to change all of the configurations, time and money are saved by practitioners and therefore, a higher number of patients can be seen. The platform has been designed to tackle IT and patient information vulnerabilities. The system is compliant with the latest information security standards.

The people we rely on to keep us healthy rely on Thales to provide pioneering fluoroscopy solutions. Thales’ 60 years of experience in the domain, combined with its ability to remain at the forefront of innovation, has made the Group the leading choice for many radiological system manufacturers. With the launch of the world’s 1st 4343 panel dedicated to fluoroscopy in 2007, the company is perceived as a precursor in this domain. Nowadays, and thanks to its long term expertise, Thales is increasingly engaged in the development of image chain platforms in order to provide complete and efficient solutions for systems integrators and end-users. Discover ArtPix DRF at the ECR congress from 1-4 March 2018, Thales booth N°410 – Foyer D.