Apollo introduces arccVault, enabling hybrid enterprise imaging hosted on AWS

Apollo, a leading provider of enterprise imaging and clinical multimedia management solutions and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, has introduced its new hybrid architecture enterprise imaging offering called arccVault.

arccVault is a component of Apollo’s Enterprise Imaging solution, arcc, and has been developed to store medical imaging, other clinical multimedia, and related information on secure, cost-effective, cloud storage locations hosted by Apollo on AWS. It will enable Apollo customers to store and retrieve cloud-hosted clinical imaging via Apollo’s on-premises enterprise imaging solution, arcc.

In addition, Apollo supports Amazon HealthLake Imaging through connection with Apollo’s Enterprise Imaging solution, arcc. Amazon HealthLake Imaging is a HIPAA-eligible capability now available in preview that makes it easy to securely store, access, and analyze medical images at petabyte scale. Amazon HealthLake Imaging enables access to imaging data with sub-second retrieval latencies and high availability. It is also estimated to help providers reduce total cost of imaging storage by up to 40% by running imaging applications from a single encrypted copy of imaging data in the cloud with normalized metadata and advanced compression.

The Apollo Repository for Clinical Content, arcc, is built for Enterprise Imaging while at the same time recognizing the needs of individual departments. arcc employs Organizational Units (OU), which allows for clinical workflows and storage locations that are individual to departments across the healthcare system. This means that health systems can assign active or deep-archive storage locations to secure, cost-effective cloud storage on AWS while supporting on-premise imaging acquisition and viewing.

arcc enables true Enterprise Imaging by securely managing all clinical images in a central repository. arcc provides both orders- and encounters-based clinical image acquisition and management workflows for 45 specialty departments across the healthcare enterprise. This enables every department throughout the enterprise to securely acquire, manage, and access all clinical content for “one patient view” through one platform. Integrating arcc to the electronic health record provides clinicians a single view of the longitudinal patient record.

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