Anti-fatigue floor mat

NewLife Eco- Pro is a new line of premium, eco-friendly and ergonomic commercial antifatigue floor mats designed specifically to benefit a workforce that stands. NewLife Eco-Pro is the industry’s first integral skin polyurethane mat made with Bio-Foam, a plant-based renewable resource. According to new research, the use of NewLife Eco-Pro mats can positively impact the health of people who stand for long periods. Texas A&M University’s System Health Science Center, conducted an independent research study that evaluated the ergonomics of industrial anti-fatigue floor mats. The study concluded that NewLife Eco-Pro is superior at reducing spinal compression and maintaining flexibility in workers who spend time standing as compared to traditional anti-fatigue mats. NewLife Eco-Pro mats not only provide much needed relief to employees who stand, but their use can reduce injury and time away from work while minimizing employer’s exposure to health-related claims. NewLife Eco-Pro mats maintain their quality and appearance, and won’t become a tripping hazard, disintegrate or develop an undesirable smell, all of which are typical issues with traditional commercial anti-fatigue mats. The mats also have anti-microbial properties and will not absorb water. At three quarters of an inch thick, New Life Eco-Pro mats are puncture- and stain-resistant, and maintain resilience and optimal comfort over time. Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) for its high-traction bottom surface, NewLife ensures the highest level of slip resistance compared to other mats currently on the market.

Supplier: GelPro Medical

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