Angiography system for universal use

Optimized for a broad clinical utilization, Artis one is designed for routine interventions, which represent the majority of angiographic procedures. Energy consumption with the new system is up to 20% lower than with Artis zee floor. Thousands of angiographic procedures are performed each day worldwide. On the one hand, these include treatment of highly complex cases requiring a high degree of tailoring of the angiography lab’s configuration. On the other hand, there are many routine interventions, which represent the clear majority of cases. These include, for example, revascularizations of peripheral arterial or venous occlusions, functional tests of dialysis shunts in patients with kidney failure or of implanted ports in tumour patients. Diagnostic angiographies of coronary stenosis and their treatment or pacemaker implantations are also established routine procedures. Artis one has been developed to support all of these interventions. Despite being floor-mounted, the new angiography system is similar in positioning flexibility to ceiling-mounted systems and requires substantially less space: Artis one occupies only 25 square meters, compared to the usual 45 square meters required by ceiling-mounted systems. The system features several axes which can be moved independently of each other. This allows physicians and hospital staff to easily position the system where needed

Supplier: Siemens Healthineers

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