Ambulatory EEG, EMG and ECG recording device

The new Mobita, a 32 channel wireless and wearable electrophysiological amplifier, can measure up to 32 channels of EEG or up to 16 channels of EMG. The system can send the measured signals directly to a PC via Wi-Fi or save it on the on-board memory. With its integrated 3D-accelerometer the Mobita also records the movement of the subject together with for example an EEG. The Conficap-design allows for quick switching between different electrode-configurations, thus enabling easy changeover from EEG to EMG-measurement. Special technology and electrode cables eliminate mains interference or cable movement artifacts. No hardware filters are included, so it is also possible to measure EEG, EMG and ECG simultaneously.

Supplier: Twente Medical Systems Int’l BV

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