Air disinfection unit

A revolutionary air disinfection unit, the AD 2.0 has been specifically designed and proven to c ont i nuous l y eliminate airborne Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI), including MRSA, C.difficile and Norovirus, from clinical settings. The wall mounted system can disinfect any room up to a maximum volume of 300m3. It not only removes virtually all airborne pathogens, but also targets bacteria and viruses present on surfaces (over 20% reduction on most materials). The unit is designed to be used with a consumable cartridge containing a reagent, which is ionised and reacted with traces of ozone, resulting in the generation of hydroxyl free radicals. These highly reactive free radicals then neutralise dangerous bacteria and viruses, altering their molecular structures so that they become nonviable. Each unit can be controlled remotely, with automatic notifications alerting staff when the cartridges have run out and on the unit’s current status (e.g. working, sleeping, off), making monitoring of the system very easy and largely labour-free.

Supplier: Aerte

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