Advanced visualisation applications

Until now, radiology department access to 3D analysis required radiologists to interrupt their established workflow to access a separate, but necessary, advanced visualisation workstation. When access was cumbersome and required an interruption in workflow, there was a natural reluctance on the part of the radiologist to use 3D image analysis. Dexus is a seamless workflow environment that optimises a radiologist’s reading experience, from the moment of image acquisition through result reporting. Imaging devices, clinical applications and IT can be linked so that radiologists can access advanced visualisation tools across modalities and care areas from wherever they are. Centricity PACS combined with 3D advanced visualisation from AW Server underscores the concept of ‘IT Simplicity.’ In addition to the workflow benefits for radiology departments, IT staff can be relieved of the burden of having to maintain duplicate interfaces and sets of infrastructure.

Supplier: GE Healthcare Systems

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