Adult and pediatric breathing systems

Following the Compact extendable breathing systems for adults, a new pediatric range has been launched with features that offer some distinct advantages. Concertinaed supply increases the number of systems per box, for more cost effective storage and disposal. A standard box of Compact systems could provide a hospital with an extra three weeks supply. Adjustable length means the tubing can be extended/collapsed to suit exact needs. The shallow profile tube improves laminar gas flow with lower resistance to flow. Softer material results in a quiet, non-disruptive sound when expanded and collapsed while flexibility allows for easy tube positioning, without the need for additional connections, which suits head and neck surgery. Compliance is excellent when extended, at 0.28ml/mbar per metre of tube, less than that required in the ISO 5367:2000 standard. The Paediatric Compact breathing system is available in three lengths: 1.5m, 2.0m, and 3.0m (extended length). A one-litre reservoir bag with limb options are also available.

Supplier: Intersurgical Ltd

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