A safer alternative to piped vacuum systems

Medela Healthcare mobile suction devices – a safer alternative to wall vacuum – can help expand critical care capacity and support UK hospitals in the fight against COVID-19.
Used worldwide, the company’s portable medical suction machines are designed to provide crucial suction and fluid removal during respiratory treatment provided with ventilators.
Traditionally, hospitals ensure a patient’s airway is clear by utilising suction that relies on central wall piped vacuum. However, guidance published by the National Health Service advises hospitals against using piped vacuum to support infectious disease units to reduce the risk of virus spread and cross-contamination.
A previous study looking at contamination rates for wall-mounted suction units discovered contamination on over 30% of devices. Hence, portable medical suction machines are recommended for COVID-19 care. Medela offers a range of portable suction pumps which are available with a virus filter capable of reducing cross-contamination from COVID-19 with filtration efficiency of greater than 99.9%.
These compact devices offer flexibility to hospitals while reducing the risk of viral transmission. When used with disposable collection systems, portable suction machines reduce staff exposure to hazardous fluids, while devices equipped with virus filters further reduce risk of cross-contamination and viral exposure to staff.
Standard of care in the ICU requires each patient to be provided with a single suction device, which helps to decrease the risk of lung infections, prolonged hypoxia, and pooling of secretions in the lung.
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