64-slide compact CT system

Fujifilm is expanding into the CT market with the release of the FCT Speedia 64-slice CT system. Its compact size, powerful applications, and optimized workflow provide the solution to multiple routine examinations without compromise. The 75cm-wide gantry bore reduces patient anxiety and allows easier access to the patient even when the patient’s arms are raised and the patient cannot lie flat on her/his back, while maintaining a compact footprint to facilitate installation into existing rooms. By utilizing only 3 main system modules, gantry, patient table, and operation console, the Speedia HD achieves a remarkably compact footprint. Advanced noise reduction processing employing iterative reconstruction technology reduces image noise and artifacts while maintaining a high quality image. 7 levels of dose reduction can be selected to optimize dose and image quality per examination. In addition, Intelli IP Quick can reduce the image reconstruction time of Intelli IP. LCD displays at 3 positions inside the grantry provide the patient with visual messages about breath holding. Combined with the auto voice prompt, this allows the patient to easily follow breathing instructions. Fast scan rotation, submillimeter slice thickness, high power generator, and advanced image reconstruction algorithms enable the Speedia to produce high resolution and high throughput imaging. High speed scanning with less than 1 sec/rot and the latest 3D reconstruction provides rapid coverage for an efficient and precise examination. The unique Synapse 3D reconstruction algorithm ensures high image quality with less artifact even with high pitch scanning. An operator-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) delivers the latest design. Multi-function access from a single GUI provides a quick and effective operating environment. A 24-inch wide monitor clearly displays all the information in one view with the controller attached to the keybvoard, offering a more compact operating environment than a 2-monitor console. The system features intuitive and easy operation with a newly designed GUI. The Quick-Entry mode enables simple operation for all users with fewer buttons and larger icons.

Supplier: Fujifilm Italia SpA

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