4K surgical display

The MDSC-8427 4K surgical display provides a double user interface for smooth control of screen and layout configurations. The touch screen at the front offers four dedicated shortcut buttons, which can be programmed to meet the personal preferences of surgical staff. Tactile navigation keys at the back ensure perfect usability and user friendliness. Designed with the needs of biomedical staff in mind, they give access to more technical display configuration functions. Thanks to smart image processing technology, specially designed for medical video, surgical images will be razor-sharp. The wide colour gamut and advanced colour calibration provides the most accurate colours on-screen, from any angle in the operating room.  The 27” size offers a lightweight and attractive alternative to current 24” or 26” Full HD displays. It can also replace the Full HD screen on the surgical cart or dual displays on the monitor arm of a surgical boom. Thanks to the broad future-proof connectivity options (DP, HDMI, 12G-SDI, Quad-SDI, IP), surgeons can easily visualize a wide range of digital video sources, including endoscopic video, room and boom camera video, patient and surgery information, and more. For a comprehensive view of all information in the OR, multiple sources can be displayed simultaneously on the screen.

Supplier: Barco N.V.

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