30 ft Robot In Wimpole Street To Power Pioneer e-Prescription Pharmacy Expansion

Pharmacierge, the leading e-Prescription medtech for private clinicians, announces a substantial 5,500 sqft expansion in Wimpole Street, set to create central London’s largest robotically-enabled dispensary

Pharmacierge, the leader in private e-prescription app and delivery services announces its forthcoming expansion within the heart of London’s healthcare district.  The expansion includes an extensive new 5,500 sqft dispensary equipped with a 30ft dispensing robot, both the largest of their kind in the prestigious Harley Street Medical Area (HSMA).  Pharmacierge is itself backed by 80 leading private GPs and Consultants spanning all medical specialties.

Acquiring the additional lease in Wimpole Street marks a significant milestone on Pharmacierge’s mission to becoming the pharmacy partner of choice to all leading private practices and private hospitals. With this move, the brand’s operations parallel to Harley Street will grow to 8,000 sqft, or tenfold the size of its original location in 2015.

Cutting-Edge Software And Pharmacy Design

In its relentless pursuit of innovation, Pharmacierge has engaged a world-renowned pharmacy designer to reimagine its latest incarnation.  The ambitious transformation of two 18th-century Georgian properties into one streamlined clinical space is already underway.  The project aspires to revolutionising the private pharmacy pathway, marrying cutting-edge technology and robotics with traditional pharmacy values and integrity.  In addition to generic and branded medicines, the plans also include dedicated sub-divided areas for controlled, refrigerated and biological medications.

Robotic Dispensing and AI-Driven Stock Management

A 30 ft multi-arm dispensing robot, unprecedented in central London, will soon occupy one wing of the new premises, with medication chutes spiralling down through the floor to the spacious modern dispensary beneath.  This robotic automation is projected to improve overall efficiency and enhance rapid availability of the broadest possible pharmacy formulary.  Pharmacierge already caters to a network of over 4,500 GP and Consultant users.

Scalable Partnerships with Private Practices and Hospitals

Pharmacierge is already the preferred pharmacy partner to many of the leading UK and US hospital groups in London.  With these robotic automation and scalability gains, it plans to bring the time and cost-saving benefits of ‘ePrescribing-as-a-service’ to further private practitioners, hospitals and private patient units (PPU) throughout the UK.  Over 90% of clinicians surveyed believe that Pharmacierge ePrescribing saves their practice 5-15 mins per prescription, while patients are spared the impact and inconvenience of multiple car journeys and pharmacy visits.  Institutional benefits include centralised administration, real-time tracking and simplified pre-op medication pathways.

Pharmacy and Medical Heritage

Pharmacierge’s co-founders share well over a century of combined medical and pharmacy heritage in the Harley Street area, having previously co-founded The Doctor’s Laboratory (TDL), also on Wimpole Street, and other pharmacies within the Marylebone and Mayfair estates.

Commenting on the transaction, Edward Ungar, CEO said, “While our mPrescribe® technology now equally serves clinicians and patients outside of London, we felt very strongly that only a local investment would remain faithful to our brand values, our roots and the private medical community who have supported us through thick and thin.” 

Julian Best, Executive Property Director of The Howard de Walden Estate comments: “We are delighted Pharmacierge has chosen to expand their operation in the Harley Street Medical Area, bolstering the technology led patient experience for the delivery of prescriptions and ensuring the area continues to offer the highest level of patient service.”