12-channel electrocardiograph

The AsCARD Gold3 ECG features a built-in thermal A4 printer. An EASY LOAD function allows  paper to be loaded much more easily, and the option of direct connection to an external printer considerably reduces maintenance costs and streamlines the archiving of ECG tests. The big, legible high-resolution LCD TFT display with touch pad makes the device highly intuitive and simplifies menu navigation. The analysis and interpretation results may be printed with a recording of the test and presented on the device’s display. The ECG machine has the possibility of storing 2000 tests and patients in its internal memory as well as of recording these tests in a01 and SCP formats in the external memory. Suitable for hospitals and clinics, the AsCARD Gold3 is also compatible for use in open-heart surgery.

Supplier: ASPEL S.A.

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