1.5T wide-bore MRI system

Swissray has entered the MRI market with the introduction of the SR Pulse 710 at the RSNA 2016. The SR Pulse 710 offers a 71cm wide-bore magnet, 33 mT/m gradients, 50x50x50cm FOV and a 16 channel RF system. Wide-bore MRI systems typically command a premium price, putting them out of reach for many institutions. The SR Pulse 710 now makes 1.5 Tesla wide-bore more affordable through the attractive purchase price and low operational costs, requiring very low procedure numbers to break even. The SR Pulse 710 lowers the bar of affordability for those institutions who need 71cm for patient accommodation, head-to-toe MR applications and a low total cost of ownership.

Supplier: SwissRay Medical AG

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